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Services and Installation

The GraySafe installation process uses state-of-the-art specialty equipment that does not require vehicle access to the park.

The team to get the job done

Clean and Efficient Installation

We are able to park up to 900’ away from the area on the road, run a hose and pneumatically convey the EWF precisely in place with no mess or tire marks to the park .

GraySafe has the capabilities to install over 200 cubic yards of EWF in just a few hours.


Priced right

We were once the little guys so we know budgets are important. That is why we have tailored the GraySafe installation process to be more efficient than our competitors so we don’t have to charge more like the big guys.


Deadline Oriented

When deadlines are tight and need to be met we have the ability to get your job completed on time.


Our installation process is SAFE

S – Sustainable

A – A++ materials

F – Fast

E – Efficient

We install the GraySafe EWF by pneumatically conveying it into the playgrounds with no damage to surrounding turf. Our Process is so efficient most installations can be done between recesses having no impact on the schools or daycares daily schedules.

The best choice for our four-legged friends

GraySafe is also used in leash-free dog parks in and around the GTA. Our product is gentle on dogs paws and adds a fresh aroma to park area. GraySafe is a top choice for dog park surfacing to keep large areas free from muddy conditions. Something most pet owners will appreciate!

Most importantly it keeps parks accessible for wheel chairs and motorized wheelchairs.

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